First time setup; explanation of Wi-Fi modes of operation


I am new Emlid Reach RTK user. As I am going to connect the Reach device with WiFi and open the Reachview it will show the massage that Reach is connecting to another network. Please help me that how can I resolve this problem.

Thank You

For first time setup you need to let Reach access the Internet.

1st question:
How are you going to let Reach access the Internet? By letting it connect to your home Wi-Fi router? By creating a mobile hotspot (with Internet access) with your smartphone, etc. and letting Reach connect to it?

You need to know the ESSID (or name ) of the Wi-Fi network that Reach will connect to. You also need to know the password. Encryption type is also important, but usually it is just WPA2-personal.

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Dear Sir,

I do the same setting as mentioned by you and in the document of Reach in the field but it still show the same massage as indicated the figure of my previous post.

I see. The message indicated in your previous post is normal. Reach has:

  • turned off it’s Wi-Fi hotspot
  • and joined the Wi-Fi network you specified

That IS what you just asked Reach to do by clicking on the Connect button. Consequently, your computer(laptop?) is now disconnected from Reach.

The next step is to join the same Wi-Fi network that Reach has just connected to.

Once you have done that, then you need to find Reach’s new IP address. You can do so with a network scanning program like Fing. If you are using a Android or Apple device, you could download the ReachView “app” which also helps to find your Reach device on the local Wi-Fi network.

Once you have found the IP address of Reach, then enter it in your web browser and ReachView will be shown in the browser.

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