First time setup - 'Can't connect to Reach'

I have a Reach RS+ and Reach M+ that were both purchased in 2019 but have never been used. In both cases, the device powers on, all 3 LEDs light up, I can find and connect to the device’s wifi network using my Android phone, and ReachView 3 detects the device and displays its IP address, however it also displays the message ‘Can’t connect to Reach.’, and I am unable to proceed any further.

Searching these forums, I found another thread - "Can't connect to Reach" message - that seems to describe a similar problem, with the solution being to use ReachView 2, as the devices need to be updated to work with ReachView 3.

Is this correct? If so, what can I do, as ReachView 2 no longer seems to be available.

Try typing in your browser, password “emlidreach”

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@PotatoFarmer is right. You can access your device via ReachPanel by entering its IP in the address bar of any browser:

Then please update your devices to the newest firmware. It’s essential to update them regularly cause we are implementing new features and fixing bugs permanently.

Thanks, I discovered the firmware flash tool and updated them that way, but the browser option looks easier for future updates.

Have you succeeded in updating your unit? Is it working fine now?

I’d not recommend using the Firmware Flash Tool for updates cause this procedure erases all the data from the receiver. For regular updates, you can use just the ReachView3 app.

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