First Time Drone Build (RPi0), Looking for Advice

Hello, I have been wanting to build a drone for quite some time. I am a poor student but have some money left over from work to make a drone. I would like to build a drone as cheaply as possible (even though the drone is actually quite large). I am on the fence about the autopilot shield for the Raspberry Pi0 and whether to use a Navio+ or something more like the PXFMini. My primary goal is to get the drone in the air, but in the (distant probably) future of this project is to install two cameras and have it streamed over wifi to an android phone for more VR like use.

Parts List So Far

Please any suggestions on the build itself or on which autopilot shield to use or anything I'm looking over is very welcome as I am a beginner and am still reading everything I can on building drones.


I would really recommend going for Raspberry Pi 3 as Pi0 does not have enough processing power to run autopilot and other tasks. With RPi3 you are future proofing your build. Same could be said about Navio2.

Hello Sorais, where are you based? I think i have a Navio + left over.

I would love to have A Pi3 and a Navio2, but I am unsure if my budget really allows it. At this point this is my first project and I would like to keep everything on the cheaper side.

I’m based out of South Florida, if at all possible the Navio + would be greatly appreciated :smiley: