First setup of two identical units, one is failing to connect

I have two RS+ modules, doing just first setup. Updated both to firmware 26.6.

Reachview 3 v 7.6

Both Reach RS+ modules, phone and laptop are all connected to stable Wi-Fi.
I can see both units available In the list of receivers, but base unit is now not connecting to the Reachview 3 app or laptop browser.

Rover is connecting successfully on address, while base keeps returning “can’t connect to Reach”.

Also, while trying to access both units from PC, fails to open page, while makes connection immediately. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for the detailed description of the issue you faced! It’s always helpful for our team during troubleshooting.

As I understand, the base receiver was accessible fine via its own hotspot since you’ve connected it to a Wi-Fi network. I can’t say for sure why one device is reachable fine while the other one isn’t with all the other things being equal.

In such a case, I’d suggest trying to connect the base to the other Wi-Fi network just to see if it’s going to behave the same way or not. You can place the device somewhere out of range of that Wi-Fi network so the device will fall back to the hotspot mode. It can do that after the boot. After that, you can connect it to your mobile phone hotspot, for example. Please let me know if the situation stays the same.

Thank you, Liudmila @liudmila.slepova
Connecting devices up to another wifi network helped. Also, after re-connecting back to original network, both rover and base started communicating equally fast, as expected.
Thank you

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Hi Alexander,

I’m really glad to hear that it helped!

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