First quad copter build

Hi guys!

Im planing on building my first quad copter for a school graduation project using the Navio+. Because of this being my first build i have no idea of what parts i should get. i have been reading a lot on the internet and i know the basics. my quad will manly be for gopro aerial filming so i want it to have a battery time of 20-30 min at least. and i want it to be somewhat portable, so 12 inch props is the maximum size but i would prefer 10 inches. The battery that i have been looking on is a 4s 5200mah from hobbyking (Multistar High Capacity 4S 5200mAh)
i have also been looking on some RCtimer motors (Rctimer 5010-620KV)(Rctimer 5010-530KV) and Tunigy Multistar (Turnigy Multistar 2216-800Kv) Are there any other motors you could suggest?
my budget for each motor is 15EUR at its max but i bit cheaper would be great.

Any kind of tips, suggestions or advice will be appreciated!

Best regard Jonas

Welcome :slight_smile:

Use ecalc good sir, it will help you get to the flight times you are looking for.

There’s some good write ups out there explaining the premise and basic usage of ecalc.

The free version is useless. The paid version has every motor and prop you could think of.

I find it to be quite accurate and very useful!

Good luck with your build.

thank you!

im using ecalc but i still have no idea of which motors i should choose, there are so many. are there any brands that you would suggest? :smile:

I would suggest tiger motors or sunny skys. Some people say sunny sky’s are just re branded tigers, I’m not sure about this, but I can say they are really high quality for the money.

those are pretty expensive for my budget right now. what do you think of the RCtimer motors?

None of my builds have used rctimer products so I can’t say. But I would say out of everything you purchase for a build the motors are the most important and have the greatest impact/effect on the end result. Get the best motors you can, you will thank your self later. Best of luck with the build, looking forward to the end result!