First Build Concerns

Hello All,
The time has come for me to purchase some more parts for building a quad copter, Here is a list of what I have bought and plan on buying. Any feed back about parts I might be missing or such would be greatly appreciated. I would like to fly using apm, and have a back up control with RC (My Quad with RPi2 , Navio+ and a 4G modem) , My fpv camera hopefully could be my gopro hero camera, but if not i have a Pi Cam that will work just fine.

Pi 2 /Camera
Navio Power Adapter/Wirepack
Wifi adapters/ethernetcords

So bunch of parts, but no copter.
Here is a list of parts I was thinking about getting from HobbyKing.
Frame: HobbyKing™ Orca TF280C-KIT
Battery Charger : Turnigy Accucel-6 80W 10A Balancer/Charger LiHV Capable
Battery : Turnigy nano-tech 2200mah 4S 45~90C Lipo Pack
Power Distribution: Multistar XT60 to 4 x 3.5mm with JST Plug Quadcopter Distribution Harness
ESC x4 : Turnigy Multistar 15A V2 ESC With BLHeli and 2A LBEC 2-3S
Motor: Multistar Elite 2204-2300KV Set Of 4 CW/CCW (2/CCW 2/CW)
Prop x2: Quanum Carbon Fiber Propeller 5x3 (CW/CCW) (2pcs) Self-locking
RC Controller: Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 (Mode 2)

My biggest concern is I buy all this and I still don’t have a working copter.

You should be crunching some numbers because right off the bat it doesn’t look right. Your prop and motor size seems to small for enough thrust/weight ratio… Since you are spending all this money for a first quad i recommend you spend $2 and use the ecalc to get reasonably accurate data.

you prob need more like a 450mm quad with 10 inch prop and 980kv motors… if you are going to use a gopro .


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For comparison. On my small copter I use 11" propellers with 980kv motors and a 4S Lipo (3S also works, but 4S makes more fun).
The frame is relatively heavy, but I cannot imagine that 4 5" propellers can lift the copter @50% thrust, even if the frame would just way 50%. Main weight source is always the battery.
Additionally, you will probably need a bigger battery for the 10-11" size range. Plan with 4-5 Ah.

Thanks for the reply, I will try ecalc and see what that says. Thanks again for the info.