Firmware upgrade trough Wi-Fi module?


does the firmware upgrade only works trough USB Wire connection, or can it be made trough the delivered Wi-Fi modules?
Where can i see on the EMLID Website, which Firmware version is the newest and the list of changes/bugfixes?

Thanks in advance!

For Navio2

For Edge

For Edge, you have to use USB (PC to Edge) for Edge CM3 image update (with QGroundControl or Etcher).

Arducopter update to latest version via SSH is quite easy with Navio2, more complicated with Edge (unsuccessful for me).


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Hi Marc, @mlebret
I do not want to hijack the thread, but I recently put my Edge in one of my rovers and updated to ardurover 3.5.1.
I used WinSCP to copy the new ardurover executable ( ) to the Edge into the pi user home directory and then copied it to the right place with a ssh session.
I can not remember in which directory I put the file, but I found it with “whereis ardurover”. It would be “whereis arducopter” in your case, of course.

Thanks for the tip. I managed to upload an early arducopter 3.6.x version on my Edge with SSH but I couldn’t pass the configuration stage.

As Edge is dependant of QGroundControl (Edge version), it is not easy to move to latest arducopter without fearing to lose or break some essential configuration or fonction.

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