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Hi Emlid,

I use Reach M2 and Reach M+ in my systems.

We love the product.

When connected within our systems, we do NOT use the WiFi as my customers have WiFi bandwidth issues and do not want us to use 2.4 or 5.8Ghz WiFi frequencies on there property.

To connect to the internet, we use an external 4G/5G router via the USB connector on the Reach M2 and M+ and a LAN converter. The LAN converter connects via TCP/IP protocol and a LAN cable to a router and obtains access to the internet this way.

We would like to see that so long as the Reach M2/M+ has an external network IP and access to the internet, that the Reach device should be able to update the firmware.

Currently, as you well know, it only works via WiFi if the Reach WiFi is connected to an AP that has internet access.


Cameron KERR
Perth Western Australia

When connected like this, I am unable to update firmware.

Can you please change the firmware updater to include any network connection and not just the WiFi?


At the moment, you indeed can update your unit via Wi-Fi only. Thanks for explaining your point! I see that updating via mobile data is quite a handy functionality in your setup.

I’ll discuss your request with the team, and we’ll consider adding this.


I’m reaching out to tell you that we’ve just released the Reach Firmware 27 Beta 2 which includes the option to upgrade Reach Firmware via mobile data for Reach RS2. It’d be great if you could test it out and share your results with us. You can find the whole list of fixes and new features in our community forum thread.

Please note that Beta is designed as early access to the new features. We don’t suggest using it for important field jobs.

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