Firmware update - RS2+ impossible to connect base after being hooking it to wi-fi


I was in the process of updating our base’s firmware and, in order to do so, I had to connect it to a wi-fi network. Right now, the base shows the wifi icon as blue. Ever since that, I cannot connect my android device to the base anymore. Is this normal?

Even if I tried restarting the base, it won’t go back to hotspot mode.How can I fix this? And how do I update my firmware in the end?

So long as the receiver is in range of the wifi that you specified, it will connect to it first. Either turn off your router and then turn on the receiver. Or, move the receiver out of range of the wifi. In either case, it will not find the network and will then go into host mode (white icon).

To update the firmware while the receiver is connected to your wifi, you just need to connect your smart device to the same network and you will be able to locate the receiver, connect to it via Flow, and update.


Turns out the wifi network I hooked the base to is a public network that redirects the user to a page where it needs to input details. Unfortunately, impossible to do that. So moving out of range did the trick. Thanks!

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If you still need to update the firmware, you can do that if your smart device has an internet connection.

Turn on your device’s hot spot. Then specify that wifi network in the Reach settings. It will re-boot and find your device’s hot spot. You can then update.


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@dpitman’s comments are right. The Reach devices need to be connected to the Internet to update the firmware. We have this guide explaining how to update.

The device will try to connect to any known network upon the start. It’s possible to remove the known networks in the Wi-fi section.