Firmware Reflash on RS+ results in "Unable to Reboot Device" Now stuck in Firmware Update Mode

Hello, everyone -

First post here so forgive any errors in protocols. I’m doing my best.

About a month ago, I purchased 2 Reach RS+ units for my company and have been having a very hard time getting a fix despite following the guides and the community forums here. Yesterday, while trying more troubleshooting, the base unit suddenly stopped functioning and I was unable to connect to it (the blue LED was just flashing whenever it was powered on). Following some guidance on the forums, I saw that this must be fixed with a Firmware Reflash.

This morning, I followed the instructions on the website including downloading the appropriate driver and the latest .img file (2.14) and went through the reflash process. It seemed to be working fine and I got what looked to me on the updater window was confirmation of the firmware install. The updater then stated it was starting the reboot. I got a bit of red text stating that the Reboot had failed followed by the prompt to “refresh.”

The flashed device is now apparently stuck in the Firmware update mode (the LEDs are lighting up in succession over and over) and I can’t power it down, refresh it, or re-connect to the updater. It’s stuck. I had to leave it at the office with the three little LEDs just blinking away… I’m hoping that if the batteries run all the way down it can restart ok when it’s reconnected to a power supply.

If that doesn’t work, how can I force another firmware flash? Is there something I should do before I restart it (assuming it powers down overnight)? Is there something I can do while it’s still on (if it doesn’t drain the battery completely overnight)?

As much as I had hoped for a great experience with this system, it’s been pretty challenging here at the start. Any help in getting things running would very much be appreciated.

Thank you.

Have you tried a hard reset?. Pushing the powerbutton for 15-20 seconds.

I haven’t, but that’s an excellent place to start, I’d say. I figured there was some kind of a hard restart functionality in the system but I guess I wasn’t holding the button down long enough.

I will give that a go and report back.

Thank you-

Hi @mmiller

What state is your device in now?

I apologize for the delay, there. I had actually inquired on this when I was away from the office (and the stuck device). I was able to do the hard reset this morning and it started up fine.

I will be working on the Fix issue now that I’m back up and running. Thank you for checking in.

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Glad to hear that, @mmiller.
Thanks for the update.

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