Find absolute position with RS2. Possible?

Hello, good morning, I am writing from Colombia, I have a specific doubt, if I only have a single team in this case an RS2, if I take an X point to this I can do postprocessing and have a unique solution?

Hi Fernanda, of course you can. To achieve greater accuracy, the ideal is that you have the equipment in static mode, and calculate the sampling times according to the IGAC standard with respect to a point in the Active Network, Magna Eco.
Find the station that is closest to you.
The formula is:
t = 65 min + (3 min x (d - 10))
t = Tracking time
d = Distance in kilometers
Then download the RINEX from the IGAC page and postprocess the point.
I greet you from Cali, Colombia.

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Isn’t that for L1?
Multi-frequency should be a good bit shorter.

This formula is part of the norm in Colombia for Geodesic works.
For L1 equipment according to the same standard, multiply (t) by two.

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To answer the question from TS, Yes.
But what kind of accuracy are you looking for?
Even with Glonass l1/l2 only in Europe you should get cm accuracy from 2 hour observation and process this with e.g NrCan

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