Final RTK position solution in GIS software from RTKNAVI

I use arcpad GPS data collection sotware which looks for a NMEA GPS device on a serial COM port in windows.
I can take final RTK output as a NMEA text file from RTKNAVI output window. But How can I get real time RTK position coordinates in the GIS software from RTKNAVI which is my ultimate objective of using RTKLIB ? One com port of the rover receiver is already used/engaged in RTKNAVI input. If we get final RTK NMEA output on a serial port that also gets engaged & can’t be used in the GIS software. So what is the solution to the problem while using RTKLIB for real time RTK position coordinates ?

I suppose if you had some virtual COM ports at your disposal, then RTKNAVI could output to one side of a virtual COM port and QGIS (or similar) could listen to the other side of the virtual COM port.

Instead, the terminology might be to “wire” 2 virtual COM ports together and have RTKNAVI on one and QGIS (or similar) on the other.

for my tablet windows, i use com2com to simulate virtual ports, but you have to disable driver signing which is quite easily done, there are many guides online on how to do that.

So the alternative if you also want to view your solution in rtknavi, is to output the stream to tcpsvr on port 9000. Then open strsvr on your rtklib and choose tcpclient as your input, with the ip address of your reach device and port 9000.

Then you can set strsvr to output to as many serial com ports as you have virtualised in com2com.

And your ArcPad can connect to one of them.

It worked for me, using QGIS GPS plugin, instead of arcPad but the implementation should be similar. Hope that helps!

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