Filling out report fields for receiver and antenna details

Friends, I am preparing a post-processing report of GNSS Points, taken with RS2. In the report I am asked to include the brand, type and serial of the antenna, as well as write the brand and serial of the antenna receiver. In both cases I must write EMLID REACH RS2 or is there a difference between the Receiver and the Antenna?

The product “Emlid Reach RS2” is a GNSS receiver with internal antenna, radio, cellular modem, and battery.

This is how I would fill out the report:


  • Brand: Emlid
  • Type: Reach RS2
  • Serial: (scan QR code found in the sim-card compartment)


  • Brand: Integral part of receiver
  • Type: see receiver
  • Serial: see receiver

I think they want the two parts on the report because they think the antenna will screw on the tripod, and the receiver will be separate and hanging on the tripod leg and connected by an antenna cable.

So in that case they could be different brands / types / serial numbers. If you make the report as shown above then they should understand that with the RS2, it is all one piece.


Sounds like the form designer missed a trick. If they had thought to include a checkbox (or similar) for “integrated receiver/antenna” and “separate receiver/antenna” then they would have saved you having to complete a needless second section…and some confusion. :grinning:


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