Fieldgenius problem

I did tests with fieldgenius 10 and the connection with EMLID is good but there is an error in the reading of the DOPs, sometimes it only shows HDOP and other times it gives all the information. I do not know if it is a program error or the information that EMLID sends to fieldgenius?

I have the same issue in FG9, so at least consistent.

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Hello Chistian !!! Emlid’s support would have to see what the problem is and give him a solution

Hi @agrimgalina

Have you noticed this issue before?

In my last tests the PDOP does not work and when it indicates it marks more than 16, now I am testing with NMEA and not with the EMLID device selection I will comment

I’m trying with this configuration

Can I ask you to answer the question from this message, please?

they are the first tests that I do, in rechview the pdop is of 1.4 and in fielgenius 3,2 and it goes dubbing until it exceeds 6 of pdop and in rechview the value remains low. I do not know if it will be a Windows Mobile 6.1 problem. Thank you

Same problem see EGSTAR. Very large HDOP or VDOP, before this was not observed.

so it’s very high pdop values

Can EGSTAR be used with EMLID Reach?

The problem is here, the data NMEA sent by EMLID Reach

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I assume you mean the GPGSA message, with no characters between the commas in the last part ?
Seems it isn’t constant though, quite wierd.

Curious, are you using the “EMLID Reach” specific driver in FieldGenius or the “GENERIC NMEA” driver?

I tried both ways and it gives the same pdop error

someone has a capture of the base type configuration and of Rover?

Yes. The settings are the same as with any third-party SOFTWARE.