Field Genius and RS2

Hello! I have purchased two RS2 to use one as base and the other as rover. How do I configure FieldGenius 10 (PC) to accept corrections from the base?. Al guides only speak abour NTRIP, and my field location is really out of the grid, so I need to correct using my own base. Thanks in advance and very anxious for an answer.

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On the Emlid documentation page you have a tutorial on the configuration you want. It’s on this page.

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Till this point as I understand I’ll need internet access to get corrections from my base using caster or get cors. But what happens when Im in an area with no gsm, no internet?

You’ll have to use LoRa with the base and rover or do static observations

If you have surveyed markers with known position, just setup your base on that and enable base mode, transmitting through LoRa. Then you can do an RTK survey with the rover through LoRa.

If no markers are available, you will have to do a long static observation of a temporary marker yourself. Then you can either post-process that data and come back later to do a RTK survey with the rover while the base is setup on that same marker, or you can survey with your rover while the base is doing the static observation and shift the results later with the post-processed base position.

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Agree with Bryan and Gabriel. I just wanted to share our guide on the Base and Rover setup. It can help you set the corrections transmission via LoRa radio to work in RTK in areas without cellular network coverage.

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