Field boarders for guidence systems - convert to ISO-XML

dear community

I have the following question for agricultural applications:

Does anyone know a simple way to generate a field boundary in ISO-XML format from the data export options of Emlid Flow 360?

Specifically, it concerns the following use case:

  • Record the working area of a field precisely and individually with emlid rx/rs2/rs3
  • want to import the data into the guidance system such as: fendt, john deere, etc.

current hurdles:

  • emlid flow cannot create a closed polygon
  • ISO-XML export format not available
  • I don’t know of any software with which I can create the data

I ask for your support


Best regards from Austria

ISO-XML does indeed appear extremely niche, I can only see a couple of questionable tools floating about to convert shapes or other ag specific formats to/from ISO-XML.

And a potential gotcha is that apparently 0 degrees in ISO-XML could be Magnetic North which is going to make your conversions vs geographic locations vs epochs for archival data very interesting.

Even Global Mapper which supports over 300 formats doesn’t include ISO-XML

However, both the Fendt & John Deere applications appear to also accept shape file imports so you may be better off heading your workflow in that direction.

Both shape file export and closed lines (polygon) are on the EMLID to-do list, add your votes.

Good luck!

Hi Hannes,

I can agree with @Wombo about trying other file formats. Emlid Flow supports exporting in several formats, such as SHP or KML. Please note that KML is only available in Emlid Flow 360. Or would you like to use ISO-XML for some particular reason?

Yes, Emlid Flow supports working with points and lines. But I’ve noted your request and passed it on to our team.