FG or Surpad?


What works best with RS2, FieldGenius or Surpad?

We use FieldGenius for Android and it has been really good. There was a bug in it that behaved like a memory leak but I haven’t seen it since the last version. I have never seen Surpad.


I am also a user of FieldGenius Android version and I agree with Michael that since the latest update version, it has gotten rid of that bug that caused it to crash. Recently ran it for a total 7hrs duration as NTRIP connected Rover and it never did crash during that period. Though I did have a problem with the Bluetooth link disconnecting, about once per hour. That was a minor problem, as it reconnected in no time at all. I’m not on the latest Emlid firmware with the improved Bluetooth fix, so I will update and try that solution at a later date. What a joy to use without the crashing problem! Regards, Mark


What’s the file formats for terrain models and road lines?

It’s essential I can save in the right formats so I can use it.

Not quite sure what you are asking. There is no Roading module yet on the Android version. You would have use their Windows version in order to get that. FG Android imports dxf files and exports dxf files along with csv file for the points. When it imports your dxf file it assigns points to the usual attributes, like intersections, end points, corners, etc. Sometimes gets carried away on assigning points on curves. It is a single layer design so far, so no multiple layers that you can turn off and on, unlike other other softwares like Magnet Field.

You can import an DXF file as a Xref that can be displayed as a background layer on the project map view. Imported DXF files that use the ATTACH AS XREF option during import will be listed and displayed as a background image on the map view. Select the check box of the items to display on the project map. These items will be displayed at a 60% opacity to be lighter when compared to the project points and lines.

Supported files for importing:
Coordinate File (.csv or .txt)
DXF File
SHP (Shape) file
landxml file (Alignment and/or surfaces defined by points and faces will be parsed)

If you want, take look at their online manual at:

Should help with any questions you might have.


Thanks, had a hard time finding the difference between the versions.

Your welcome, yes I couldn’t find a comparison between the FG Android and FG Window versions either. The Windows version is certainly a more robust and mature version then the Android version, but it isn’t cheap either. I see it listed for $1,045.00, $1,915.00 and $2,800.00 for the Basic, Standard and Premium versions. I believe there are a couple of users on this forum that use the Windows version and have good results using the Emlid RS2 units. Cheers


I have been using FGA for over a year now. It is not stable but I push ahead because of economic reasons. I have experienced slow downs and crashes every 1 - 2 hours of use. Other users on this forum attribute the frequent crashes to “memory leak”.
I disconnect my Bluetooth connection to the receiver when I am not taking measurements to mitigate against the app crashing.
There are also specific functions that will result in the app crashing if attempted.
I recently found out that after the 1st year you must pay an annual “maintenance fee” to benefit from app updates. This runs for somewhere in the region of USD 300 per annum.

What version are you running?
My subscription expired just prior to the new release.

Not getting updates is bad for an app that’s not really finished in development

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Yeah. But the intro price is what got me hooked.
Preliminary “maintenance free” period was closer to 18 months

I would try asking them to at least let you update to the most recent stable FGA version, I did some more testing with that version and I also updated the Emlid firmware for the RS2 to version Beta 28.2. Ran it today from 8:00am till about 3:30pm and never had a crash on the app nor a Bluetooth disconnect, unlike their previous FGA versions with the memory leak. . I did a combination of shooting some points and staking and it just worked great for me. I was running it as a NTRIP connected Rover. Also since upgrading from Emlid firmware version 26 to the latest 28.2, I have the fix/float sound indicator back working for me.
Hopefully you’ll get it sorted and be able to get some work done.


Thanks for the experiences and recommendations.
I will give it a shot.

Hi guys,

Chiming in to leave a link to our FieldGenius Setup Guide. Most of you are experienced in it, but it still can be handy for those who have just started their journey :slight_smile:

As for integration with SurPad, I’d recommend checking our Mock location guide.


I had Fieldgenius and was able to use it for just about anything I wanted to do cogo - wise. When I added more equipment I thought I’d give SurPad a try. I like it much better than Fieldgenius. It is not as user-friendly but is customizable. I much prefer SurPad.


Finally someone who knows it’s ok to come out.


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