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Few satellites in the same device before and after reflashing

(Luis Galina) #1

Hello ! I had the problem with the satellites on the same GPS and after reflashing.
It only showed me 10 satellites and at base 20, I turned it off and took the 20 satellites.
I do not know what will happen.
I tell you that I made several trial settings with version 2.17 in both fix and hold and continuous and obtained the same results.
It’s very good, what worries me is that problem with the satellites in the Rover.

(Christian Grüner) #2

This isnt specific to the new firmware. I have had it happen multiple times on older firmwares.
Usually happens when changing RTK settings, or if powering on in bad reception environments in my experience.

(Luis Galina) #3

Christian hello :wave: with all the firmware and there is another Mexican friend who also has the same problem

(Luis Galina) #4

SystemReport.zip (170.4 KB)

(Timd1971) #5

STABLE v2.16.2 working just great for me in the central US. Lots of sateliites, near INSTANT FIX. ((2) Reach RS receivers (NON-PLUS))
2.17 is DEV so you take a risk using it professionally.

But if it is a v2.17 specific problem, at least your providing feedback if it is in fact a problem.

Maybe use a GNSS Predictor to evaulate what satellites are available to you at the time etc.


(Luis Galina) #6

both in 2.16.2 and 2.17 I have the same problem in a single gps, it seems to me that he did not understand me. The gps I use base never made me that problem. at the same time Rover RS ​​+ 10 satellites and Base RS + 22 satellites gps, glonass and galileo selected on both gps

(Luis Galina) #7

the gps located next to each other

(Michael Lambert) #8

My experience has been that the base always maintains more satellites, even with my Hiper V’s. It may only be a couple, but constant movement and obstructions keep the rover at a disadvantage.

What constellations do you normally run?

(Luis Galina) #9

20 and 22 satelites!
Gps, glonass, galileo

(Dmitriy Ershov) #10

Hi Luis,

Unfortunately, this issue with satellites quantity may sometimes happen in ReachView. It’s not related to ReachView updates or any particular settings. In the meantime, please reboot the device if this happens.

We are working on the fix, it will be delivered with one of the next software releases.

(Christian Grüner) #11

So you are aware of the root cause, and in the process to fix it? Or can you still use reports on the matter? If so, anything in particular to pay attention to?
From Your research into the bug, is there a workaround?

(Dmitriy Ershov) #12

Thanks, Christian! I believe we have all necessary information about this behavior. The only workaround for now is to restart the unit.

(Christian Grüner) #13

Alright, so good news and bad news :slight_smile: Looking forward to the fix!

(Luis Galina) #14

Hi, Dimitry! wonderful thanks