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Hey moderators, I thought we had a thread for feature requests. Kindly move this if it’s in the wrong place, please.
There has been some discussion, not a lot, but it keeps coming up from time to time, on the Open Street background map. Open Street Map is great but I have been working recently with custom imagery in QGIS.
NextGIS has a plug-in where you can upload any layer, raster or vector into a custom web map server with just one click. I have been very impressed. Just as important, updating that is just as simple. Of course, you couldn’t use the features, such as points, lines, etc, in Reachview, but you could very simply have access to your custom drone imagery CAD lines, etc. Companies like Topcon and Trimble have big suites for projects like this, but I don’t see why this wouldn’t work just as well. Maps are free up to 30 layers. There are a few other technical requirements regarding zooming and moving the map, but nothing that couldn’t be worked through. There might have to be another tab… where users entered their map url and password. Just some thoughts…Once upon a time we talked about Mapbox, but this is MUCH simpler doing it directly from QGIS.
Of course, I know nothing about computing requirements this would involve.


Thank you for the request! So if I understood this correctly a wms/wfs input on ReachView will be required. You will then provide URL for basemap from QGIS?

Is this how you see the workflow?


Yes, that is right. All changes would be done in QGIS or nextgis online. Rasters could be added online through their online portal.

In my application, IN ADDITION, I’d prefer the option to also load/import LOCAL JPG raster bitmap images (and option to use JPG World file for georeferencing) and also be able to import VECTOR files, such as DXF, SHP, vector .EPS/.AI etc. So not just something connected to a server…but from local device. I.e. Android, iOS or Windows device.

These imports could either be locked on using control points for georeferencing, or rotate, transform, scale (RTS). Or Local Transformation to Point etc. MicroSurvey FieldGenius has this. Other survey software probably do this also.

Full featured demo up to 30 points:



hey Brent, what is this in Status, map view in ReachView: https://openlayers.org/

When you turn off the background in map view, a blue dot appears on the bottom right of map area. I have never seen this. Would this allow for what you need? I see “VECTOR layers”… so for me, that’s hopeful. Going to check out now.

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I have a terrible secret to reveal…I haven’t seen the new stakeout feature because… I haven’t updated yet!!! So I don’t know what that is you’re referring to…

I’m not using the new stake out DEV version either.
On STABLE V2.14.0

Okay than I guess I have no excuse.

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