[Feature request] Using base antenna model from RTCM message

Hello Emlid team

I see from previous posts that Reach with M2 don’t take into account base antenna model information from RTCM messages received.

Could it be possible to add this feature in a future release ?
It should not be overly complicated : Reach is based on RTKLIB, and the latter already have this feature. It only needs to be declared in the RTKLIB config file, and to provide the NGS calibration file.

Hi @zipang,

You may indeed find the antenna model info in the RINEX data and apply it in PPK. However, in RTK, the rover gets the correct base’s antenna position directly from the caster - at least, the caster should calculate and send it. That’s how the absolute majority of casters work. If I’m missing something, please tell me more about how you see this feature.

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