Feature Request: To be able to stake out points along a line in stakeout mode

Our work requires monitoring of beach profile transects, whereby data is repeatedly collected along specific transects to demonstrate change over time. We require live navigation to a profile line and the capability to record a point with the following data visible to the surveyor:

  • Chainage (distance along the line)
  • Elevation
  • Offset (horizontal distance away from the line)
  • Horizontal distance from last recorded point

The following information needs to be stored for each point:

  • Easting
  • Northing
  • Elevation
  • Chainage
  • Feature Code
  • Line Name

The current functionality requires the surveyor to exit stakeout mode and manually record a point. This introduces significant room for error and does not provide enough line specific information to the surveyor.

The above is an essential feature for coastal surveys which my organisation carry out regularly in the UK and we’d love to be able to use Emlid receivers operationally across the country but currently the lack of this functionality is prohibitive.

Is this functionality planned for the future and is there a timescale for this to be implemented so we can plan around annual budgets?


Hi @branson,

Welcome to our forum!

Thank you for the detailed description of your use case! I see why it can be so helpful for your workflow.

I’ll note it and pass it on to the team to consider further implementation, but can hardly give you any ETA now. Once I get any updates, I’ll post them in this thread.


Hi Kirill

I agree with the above from Branson. Having to exit stakeout to then get into measure mode is time consuming both at capture and at process point. In total station and other GNSS workflows this is a standard feature. Even for just simple stakeout, it is good practice to store the point. This proves where you have left it if the stake fairies come calling and remove your hard efforts.

Great addition if possible.



Hi Scott,

Agree with you. It can also be the quality assurance process of comparing staked points to saved points.

Noted as well!


EMLID, this is exactly the functionality that we need. Can we expect this to be implemented into the software?

Hi @wrussell,


I’ll add your request as +1. However, there’s no ETA so far.

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Hi EMLID, again echoing the above comments, this would be a great functionality if added. Please can you post any updates on this thread?



Hi Joe,

Welcome to our forum!

There are no updates so far. I’ve noted your request and will let you know once I have any news.


Are there any updates on this feature request?


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Hi Ben,

There are no updates so far. I’ll be sure to let you know once there are any.

Stay tuned!

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