Feature Request: To be able to stake out points along a line in stakeout mode (again)

I see that this thread was closed for inactivity. Have any updates been made to Emlid Flow to address this topic since then?


Hi @mnmsurvey,

There have been no updates so far. I’ll add your request as +1. Once I get any news, I’ll also post them in this thread.

In the meantime, our new survey features might come in handy.

  • Now, you can collect the points in stakeout mode and generate a stakeout report in Emlid Flow.

  • With a Traverse tool, you can create a new point relative to an existing point by distance, azimuth, and height difference. An Inverse tool calculates geometry data for existing points.

  • We’ve also released the auto-collect points with a specified distance or time feature. In the Survey settings, you’ll need to set the collect mode.

All these features are available with the Survey Plan in Emlid Flow. It offers a free 30-day trial.