Feature Request: Stakeout Point File Import

I would like to create and market a system for using the Reach RS+ for simple layout functionality in the construction environment. It would greatly affect our organization if I could spend $2, 000 on a setup for an excavation superintendent rather than $30, 000! I don’t need a graphical interface except for choosing a point number. We supply PDFs of the point maps already. I would be happy to beta test if you ever wanted to pursue the Endeavor. I have quite a bit of pull in Central Texas with GPS equipment and UAV surveying so I think I could help spread the name! Do you have a slack group for beta testing?

Stakeout point file import is already supported:

We do not have a Slack group, all our discussions on beta testing happen right here on the forum.


Nice! New here so I am still playing catch up with the latest improvements. Thanks for the link!

Welcome aboard! There is an active community here ready to help. If you have questions and like brainstorming, just ask and you’ll get lots of ideas!
I was going to mention that Reach RS+ is compatible with Topcon magnet field software so if you already own some Topcon equipment. Integration might be fairly simple. P.S. I’m not just repeating what I’ve ready. I’ve used it myself. :slight_smile:
Hybrid positioning with Magnet Field using LN-100 total station and Emlid rtk gps.


Great, thank you @Brent_W! I will start browsing the forum for Topcon. My end goal would be for each of our 30 superintendents have a RS+ Rover that could use the Topcon Hiper V base.

How can you send correction data from Topcon Hiper V Base? Ntrip? or does it have to be radio?

I’ve heard ntrip, but I don’t think so. I also need to learn more about RTKlib.

The radio usually used with Hiper V is different from the LoRa on the Reach RS. Ntrip requires internet connection at both the base and the rover but then there is no distance limitation as far as correctin delivery is concerned. The theoretical 10km max still applies, though.


Correct, Topcon uses spread spectrum.

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