Feature Request - Satellite based corrections

I am evaluating a variety of GNSS receivers for work and while the true RTK corrections from the Reach are blowing other units out of the water, one thing that’s missing is the availability of a satellite based correction option such as Atlas L-band corrections: Atlas GNSS Global Correction Service – Blue Planet Geomatics
Although I don’t think this would be able to compete with the performance of a local base station, offering something like this as an optional add on would help to compete in areas where users either don’t have the technical know-how to reliably setup and use RTK, or travel to remote areas and don’t want to have to bring and setup a base.

Have you tried a PPP service? More precise, and free to use.


Atlas is a PPP service if I’m not mistaken. But only compatible with the Hemisphere hardware I think. The recurrent problem with PPP real time services is that there is no real standard yet, like RTCM is for RTK. An adaptation called RTCM-SSR exists but it is implemented by like, almost no one on the market.

People willing to share their expectations about PPP services are welcome to DM me. Working on it right now.


I was unaware that there were “real time” PPP services. That is interesting. Isn’t one of the major benefits of “post” PPP services the ability to look at the complete sat data before, during, and after the observation period?

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[quote=“dpitman, post:5, topic:38514”]
“real time” PPP services.[/quote]

Well, on another note, what is a “point position processed solution” Related tidbit: " … In contrast, precise point positioning method (PPP) using an RTX signal (Real Time extend) requires only a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems)receiver on the machine body and can provide accuracy higher than 2 cm (Monico, 2000). It makes this method an interesting alternative to mechanized farming operations."

Hi Chris,

Regarding the Atlas Service, it seems that it only works with devices with Hemisphere firmware, as Florian also mentioned.

In general, Reach devices work with SBAS satellites, as described in this comment. Also, I’ve passed your request on to the team for further consideration.