Feature Request RTKLIB exif photo geotagger

Hello everyone!

I know this is a topic that has been discussed in many cases, but I would like to propose to the Emlid development team to try to study the possibility of implementing an image geotagger for PPK in RTKPOST.

Yes, I also know that this can be done with geosetter, but it is a bit tedious and adds extra workflow in the office.

The possibility of implementing that in RTKPOST would add a plus of ease over customers using M+ and M2 on their mapping drones.

Just my opinion.



Thank you for the request! It’s noted.

Actually postprocessing and all this steps that must be done in order to work with this ‘RTK’ units are killing the idea of RTK altogether. Actually emlid is selling a great PPK solution with a textual title of ‘RTK’.

I know that the chipset is capable of doing RTK surveys, I have other units with F9P which are working flawlessly with or without ardu in real RTK mode; you killed this feature of the chipset with a tone of software.

Hi @vlad,

Reach M+ and Reach M2 can work in RTK mode for the drone’s precise navigation.

If the receiver is connected to a drone’s camera, it collects a time mark for each photo. The time marks don’t match with GNSS observables time. So, to find the coordinates, the positioning data should be interpolated in RTKLib. That’s why PPK is needed for precise mapping with Reach M+/M2.

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