Feature Request: Position output over websocket

Next to Serial/BT/TCP I would like to have the option to make the position solutions available over websockets.


I’m creating some alternative frontend for displaying the reach-location. (with some very specific additional logic/configuration for the usecase)

I started creating a native android-application receiving position output over bluetooth.
For several reasons I’m thinking about switching to wifi/IP for position output and moving toward a webclient.
Websockets/WebRTC would be more convenient to integrate with.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll consider the possibility of adding it :slightly_smiling_face:

tnx :crossed_fingers:

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Just wanted to add that at the moment, as a workaround it might be faster to connect Reach with a companion computer and configure the computer to output position over websocket.

Thanks for the hint, but that’s indeed what I did in my test-setup. However, this really reduces usability in my project. The reason for choosing RS2 over M2, is I need portability, the RS2 has everything included which is needed, battery/3G-modem/antenna. If the driver switches machines, all he needs to do is unscrew the RS2, screw back on the new machine, and he’s good to go (together with his battery-powered phone). Another computer would require some more wires or chargeable device in a drivers cabin which already has multiple levels of joysticks & buttons.

I understand it’s not highest priority, and for the moment I’m still on an android application which is using bluetooth for communication. Since reachview is already using websockets, I thought, it’s a modern feature with relative low cost. And it makes the device even more suitable for integrations.

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