Feature Request: Output Position in UBX format, over serial port

Hi all,

An Interesting feature that can help system integrator is:

  • Possibility to output the original stream in UBX format

Or a reduced frequency (1Hz, 5Hz) of original stream with possibilities to choose the baud rates too (like 57600, 115200)

Or if someone can help in order to give some idea of a script/application running inside the reach (starting with boot), where this application access the same stream used by ReachView interface, and redirect to the serial port.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Thiago Tiedtke dos Reis

Hi @tiedtke,

It’s already done in the system and the raw data is available on port 2000. You can use it simultaneously with the app. As for the frequency, it’ll be the same as the set update rate.

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