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I’ve brought this up in several threads, but never really made a feature request. I can’t believe that I am the only one that would benefit from this feature, just thought others may not have thought about it or found a way around it.

It would be a huge step to be able to predefine control point locations in YXZ according to a plat or CAD file and then associate the WGS84 data to those points so that you are collecting data in both projections at the same time and can export data relative to the ground values of the subject project.

This may not be possible, but if you can figure out how to make it happen you will make many lives easier and will open your product to a whole new customer base that is very strong in the United States.


uh… yeah, you’re definitely NOT the only one who could really use this feature in ReachView Survey. ; )

As you know, EMLID products are much more capable than the typical GIS audience it was initially aimed at.

Along with LOCALIZATION, we also need choices of COORIDINATE SYSTEMS and the option for different UNITS besides METER, such as US Survey Feet and International Feet. Just simple conversions in the background that should already be available by now in ReachView.

All in all, for now until it’s all ready (which will be a LONG time), going to stick with my trusty MicroSurvey FieldGenius 9/10 which does EVERYTHING one would need. Seriously, if they want to provide a true survey app, take a page from FieldGenius… but MicroSurvey has been doing this for along time and what they specialize in.



Thanks for bringing this to our attention :slight_smile:

It is definitely something that can be found on our to-do list, however, I don’t have any estimates on when we will have it in the app.


The reachview app on github is not the mobile app, correct? I’d like to fork the repo for android.

it sure is interesting the different ways in which folks use these tools. if i understand correctly what your looking for, why not just do it back in the office with your CAD/GIS software? why would you need it done on board?

in my case the area i work in has from 1cm to >4cm of plate movement per year. i need to go to nad83 2011. so my transformation from the wgs84/igs08 coordinate system values to nad83 projected means i need a 14 point transformation, not something i would want my field equipment doing on the fly.

I’m not sure what kind of field equipment you are using, but we do approximately 30 point transformations all the time. It is most valuable to generate the points on the CAD, send the CSV file to the field, measure the control points that you can find and Done. No coming back to the office, miscommunication or lag. Beyond that it doesn’t matter if it’s true state plane coordinates or an origin of 10k,10k. Local can be whatever it wants.

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