Feature request - Localization when using nTrip (or other base)

Now that Emlid has the nTrip server (which is working great on our setup, though I still haven’t figured out a fix for connecting to it via our Topcon dozer), the big thing now is the fact that every job I go to has slightly different coordinates to tie into.

Currently my work flow is:

  • Initial setup of nTrip base, 30 minute single point average.
  • 4+ hour log file, PPP Correct coordinate. (this is only done once now that the base is permanently mounted)

For each new job

  • Travel to site, shoot control points.
  • Return to office, adjust points picked up to match actual
  • Back calculate and adjust base coordinates
  • Covert base coordinates to Lat-long
  • Change base coordinates in base mode.
  • Return to site and do any more layout/pickup that needs to be done.

If I could do a localization, I would be able to go to site, pick-up the control points, adjust the site to match the localization and I would be done.
Since we also have 2 rovers now, I can’t change the base coordinate and have someone else survey on a different site.

Localization would be the only good way you could do survey with a 3rd party nTrip server. We are currently using CAN-NET for our dozer, and the only way I could lay anything out, is to convert all my points to match the nTrip base coordinates, since there is no way for me to adjust that.


yeah…been on the road map for a good while now. : /

You may be waiting awhile even as important this feature is to so many… I’d get FieldGenius or whatever else you like that already has localization etc.


Our current mount point. We are monitoring to see if there are any vibration issues from the fan inside the box


I hope there’s no electrical or magnetic field issues.

Good mount point though if it works.

…ain’t that the truth, and on-the-fly. All you need is CAD coordinates of the control points. This is the main reason we run FieldGenius for Android.


Hi there,

We always take users’ feedback into account. So thanks for explaining your point.

I see that the localization feature could make your workflow much easier. We indeed have thoughts regarding this. However, implementation of such complicated functionality requires in-depth investigation and testing. That’s why it may take us a while.


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