Feature request - hardware switch for logging

It would be a real nice feature if one could connect a switch to the I/O DF13 port, for toggling the raw data log function on and off.
This could eliminate a wait for booting and connecting, and not needed any smartphone or laptop to manage.
Is this possible?

Thank you for all your comments.

Raw data logging starts automatically on boot if it is turned on, why have a separate switch?

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I think the problem Igor, is that as of a few versions ago, you now have to stop logging to be able to download the log segment. If you forget to start logging again, it wont run again on boot. (obviously, the switch is off)
I have missed a few logs by making this mistake and actually downgraded to an earlier firmware just to have the magic “always logging no matter what”!

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This is for practical reasons.
It is much simpler to flip a switch on our Reachbase station, than wait for reboot every time and check if it started correctly.
And is against human error factor too…

Well, what about the app?

Egor, your app is great, honestly it is. But I agree that before, it was much easier to know that the device was ALWAYS logging. Its just another step that could be skipped by mistake to now switch logging on again if you have downloaded a log and had to stop logging.

Thanks :slight_smile: I did not intend for you to give this reaction :slight_smile: I’ll think about possible options here.

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