Feature request: Group management of Reach modules

It would be a really nice feautre if the ReachView mobile app could manage all the reach modules found on the same WIFI network.
We do drone mapping. Every flight we record individual rover and base raw data for post processing. Right now we have even two reach modules on our planes. Sometimes we have 5 reach modules recording paralell.

It is a long work to open all the ReachView apps and select download and before downloading the other one, move the first one because of the same download names.

One could start and stop the recordings, stop&download the latest logs. Maybe could display the last time mark recorded to see in the before flight check that all the wiring is OK.

An indicator would be a great thing that confirms that the selected modules data recording is ON.

Thanks for your support. Reach is a great thing!
Regards, Gabor from Hungary

Hi @csomyy,

Nice suggestion! :slightly_smiling_face: We’ll think about implementing this feature in the future versions.

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