[Feature Request] Flow: Number of Measurements in Collector instead time


I would like to see that I would have the possibility to set numbers of measurements measured for one point, instead of time. This is way more intuitive and useful in case of a bad fix solution.
The royal solution would be to set the number of measurements done with the needed accuracy of the single measurement.

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Hi @canadarunner,

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The number of measurements depends on the update rate of the receiver. For example, a 10-second measurement with a 5 Hz update rate gives you 50 epochs.

That’s why most of the software usually works with the timer, not the number of measurements. And this is what is implemented in Emlid Flow.

I see that setting a specific threshold can help you here. If you combine it with averaging, you will probably get what you need. And this feature is on our roadmap, but I can’t give you any ETA so far.

Does this sound like something that may suit you?