Feature request CSV outputs with new coordinates and accuracies

Hello everyone

Emlid Studio is a great software and great help for RTK and PPK correction. Kudos to its development team. Great job!

Sorry if this feature has been requested before or is under development.

I think most of the photogrammetry software use CSV as input to apply PPK correction to the loaded photos. It would be great have that as an option to export csv file with file name, xyz, and accuracies in xyz as output from Emlid Studio. Emlid Studio already processes a ‘pos’ file, similar file with associated files names can also be exported. Tagging images or making new ones causes them to loose EXIF information such as camera calibration setting, which helps software like Metashape to process them.

Thanks in advance


Hi @electrolics,

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You are not alone in this request, but it is preferable if we receive multiple requests from different users. This allows us to prioritize newly developed features in our roadmap and introduce the most useful tools to our users.
I’ll take your advice as well. The example with Metahshape is a great use case for this feature!