Feature Request: Base station coordinates in export


I have a feature request to add into the CSV file (or display on the project information) that is exported from the survey to include a line with the Base Station Coordinate (and name if possible). Ideally this would be the line under the headers with:
Index as “0”
Name as “Base” or the name of the base station if from an NTRIP source?

This would just make it a little easier to do our post production when we have days of back-2-back jobs where we use the Emlids.

And possibly to extend on that, if you accidentally select the wrong project to continue, if the base station is different to the one originally used, the project should give you a warning that the results may be inaccurate.


I like it, good suggestions.

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Ja, this is very important. I often take a screengrab of my base coordinate, but sometimes I have so many screen shots that I get confused which relates to which project!


Hey there,

Thanks for the request!
We have plans to add this feature in the future.

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