Feature Request: Adding Stakeout Points Along a Line

I’ve been using survey tools and have found them incredibly helpful for my projects. However, I have a feature request that would enhance the stakeout mode.
I often need to stake out points along a linear path, MyCardStatement Portal credit cards holders and it would be incredibly useful if there were an option to add or stake out multiple points along a line. Currently, I can stake out individual points, but for linear projects, this process can be quite time-consuming.
Is there a way to efficiently stake out points along a line in stakeout mode, or could this feature be considered for future updates? If anyone has found a workaround or has tips for streamlining this process, please share them.
Thank you for your insights and for making survey tools even more user-friendly!

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Hi Ana,

Welcome to our community!

Your request looks very similar to dividing the line by segments with the automatic creation of the dividing points. Currently, we don’t have this feature in Emlid Flow, but there’s an idea for a workaround.

You can stake out the line with the specific distance along or perpendicular to the line. This way, you can create a kind of grid based on the specific line. Our guide explains these approaches.

Does this sound like something you would like to see in the app?


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