Feature request | add auto wifi shutdown


please consider to an an option to disable all wireless networks if no connection is active for more than e.g. 30 seconds.

I think that would be a nice option for the safe use on board of an aircraft.

THX, Tobias

Hmm, I think we just got auto-reconnect sorted out, so I think this would be in conflict with that.

Also, you can turn off Wi-Fi from the settings menu.

I’m not sure if you want to re-word your request with these things in mind or not.

Thx for the information!
I expect that the wifi connection could some how interfere with the rc systeme. Therefore I think the wifi should be shut down before flying. Having that done automatically would safe time/resources and would be a security backup if you forget to switch it of.

I thought that is a very simple function.

Coudn’t it be just like that:

  • add a checkbox in the wifi section “disable wifi/bluetooth after 30 seconds without connection”.
  • if that box is checked:
    • run a timer which checks the time periode since last connection
    • disable wifi after 30 seconds (wifi the same command as it is done when you disable it in the the wifi section)
    • stop the timer

How should that mess up anything?

If that is a misguided idea, could you just add a switch next to the night mode bulp to speed up the wifi shut down?

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