Feature Request: Ability to store in XYZ in Survey

I would really like to be able use the Survey in XYZ mode, so can I use the points directly in a total station doing fixed traverse.
Right I would have to convert them in the field, which is a pain and prone to human error.

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Localization I will keep saying It doesn’t matter what projection you are in, we have to be able to localize to a local coordinate system.


Ideally, the ReachView app (survey portion) really just needs to do what the other third party software does (I.e. FieldGenius, SurvCE/PC, Topcon, etc.), but with it’s own “style” that sets it apart from them. It’s time for something new and fresh. I think Emlid is on it’s way, but will take time.

As we all know, those applications aren’t cheap either. But I’d be willing to pay for what Emlid develops as long as it had all the necessary features a professional survey app should provide. I.e. localization, coordinate systems, etc etc etc etc.


Hi Christian,

Thanks for the suggestion!
It more likely will be a part of our future releases.

Fingers crossed

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This is pretty important. Is there already work on this? I would like to branch the GitHub repo and see if I can start on this.

I don’t yet have the hardware. I just ordered the RTK kit and as soon as I receive it, I will start tinkering.

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Hi @RyanJMcGowan,

Currently, there are no estimates on when this will be implemented, but your comment is noted. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I see the device-hosted app on github. Is the mobile app open source? I’d like to fork the repo.

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Hi @RyanJMcGowan,

Unfortunately, ReachView 2 isn’t open source.

Ok. Thank you. Please keep COGO and surveyor features a priority. This sort of feature set could drastically increase sales to land surveyors. We need to work on ground distances and do things like stakeout along alignments and curves.

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