Feature Request: Ability to copy from the Survey results

I need to be able get the coordinates out of ReachView from my phone, to convert it into UTM, so I can feed it to my total station for the difficult spots under foliage etc.

Right now I have to manually write it down on another device or paper, and then type it in again. Very high risc of typing errors (been there, done that).

It would be nice if could made possible to either select the numbers (and this be able copy them) or introduce a button that, when pressed, automatically putts that part of the coordinate into the clipboard.

The page I’m talking about is this one:


sounds like it would just easier to use a third-party survey software such as FieldGenius. This way it will automatically use the coordinate system of choice on the fly instantly in the background conversion process (and vertical info you’d like such as default WGS84 or a GEOID in your region).

I am not familiar with this, but apparently you can also use this as a hybrid method along with your total station also? (maybe youtube or their support section?) You’ll have to check with MicroSurvey on that, they are VERY helpful and informative. They have a fully functional demo also for I think up to 30 points? This way you can totally test out everything before buying.

Once you learn this software, I would assume would make your life easier versus all that back and forth conversions… really defeats the purpose of all this that way for efficiency.

At this rate I am going to figure it’s going to be a LOOOOOOOOOONG time before Emlid ever incorporates Coordinates Systems into ReachView. You may be waiting a very long time for such a necessary solution, but at least in the meantime, you can just use readily established and available third party software that is already there and has been for years and years. There are apps also, but I don’t really like them much…they just aren’t quite with it like FieldGenius, SurvCE/PC, Survey Pro, etc etc.

Thanks, but the cost of Fieldgenius is the same as 2 RS+ units, so much above my budget for this kinda of stuff. On top of that I need a tablet (or something else) to run it on.

yeah, totally understandable. I use a Surface Pro…which yes very expensive and BREAKABLE (and not weather proof). But I also use a older Trimble Nomad 900G data collector when weather and abuse come into play. You can usually find these (or other models etc) on Ebay for reasonable pricing. I was “lucky” my data collector had a LEGIT install of FieldGenus on it also to get around the cost of a new install. Either way, I think FG does have a hybrid feature to use both GPS and Total Station equipment at the same time? Something to look at as you may not have very many options for that kind of work…I would think that will get even $$$$$ like Trimble software. : /

but yes, I get ya. $$$$$ But then again, if your in it for business, it’s typically a much needed investment where it will save you LOTS of time and money in the long run. tax write off too.

Ordered a refurbed Trimble Juno SC with FG 9 installed and licensed for ok money eBay. Let’s see if it creates more problems than solutions :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @wizprod,

Thanks for the useful suggestion.
It’ll be added in one of the future ReachView versions.

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Thanks a lot! Looking forward to a solution.

That would be a “COPY” button to copy the coords only correct?

Or the ability to assign a COORDINATE SYSTEM?

Emild guys must know the proj4 library, extensivally used in Gis and another applications where we need to project the lat/lon coordinates in most common projections… in my embeded software, i’m using the libproj with success, even in “real time” convertions … this feature is very interesting, and simplify a lot of work with 3th party apps, and in the case that you cited.

I also use two Reach RS+ in combination with a robotic total station. When I perform the resection task, i have to manually copy the GNSS position from Reachview, use a different app to transform it to UTM format and then manually enter it into the data collector (Trimble FC-200). Copy and paste of the coordinates is nice, but much better would be if ReachView could display the UTM format directly!

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