Feature request - Ability to adjust antenna/survey pole height post survey

Feature request: Ability to adjust antenna / survey pole height in the Flow app when a survey is done.

It is sometimes required to adjust antenna height during a survey and it has happened that the surveyor then forget to adjust the antenna height again for the following measurements. The ability adjust the height post survey in the Flow app will be great!

Especially now that we have the ability to do localization in the app as well.

Thank you for a great product!

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I think maybe being able to manually adjust the stored height of a point is what is more useful in this scenario, especially if you where to pick up the top of an object (or wrong pole height) and replace it with the correct level.

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Hi @joelbladen @PrecisionDrone

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us! We’ll add both of them to our feature request list.


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