Feature RCInput

Been working on adapting RCInput_UDP into my Navio2 hardware.
Have some testing to do, but so far it has been working pretty well. (But I should say, so far only have about 20seconds of flight time) :slight_smile:

This question is mostly directed towards the Emlid team. The code that I have been working on, is this something you would be interested to merge into the Copter-3.5-Navio2 branch?
Would of preferred to ask this question by opening an issue on the ardupilot repo, but the option seems to be unavailable on the Emlid fork of ardupilot.

Still no attention, so Im going to change the question.

Is emlid keeping arducopter-3.5 in original repo up to date?
If so, then perhaps a pull-request is better to send into the original Ardupilot project?

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