Fast Charging Batteries

Does anyone know any batteries that can be charged at around 12C (11.1V ish preferably).

I need something that charges a bit faster than a standard Turnigy or Zippy battery.

A123 LiFePo4 cells can be charged at 4C, but that comes at a price of lower capacity to weight ratio.

I’ve looked into the LiFePo batteries but 4C still seems on the lower side. I think the best I have seen so far are the turnigy NanoTech batteries but we really need something that is going to charge super fast. Capacity is not much of an issue. More specifically we want to be able to charge at same speed we are discharging (around 24 A) :stuck_out_tongue:

Gens Ace 3S packs, for example, are max 5C charge rate, I am not sure you will find anything above 5C for 3S batteries.

Charging at a high C rate will degrade the batteries faster over time. I typically charge at 1C to 2C max to extend the battery life.


I would warn against the turnigy nano tech lipos in general. I am using them on one of my builds and have found them to be very bad. They puff regardless of how gentle you are on the cells. But this is not true for all turnigy lipos, I have found the multistar lipos to be quite good for the price.