Failure of PX4 plane code Running

I’m trying to run PX4 on navio2 and I’m getting this text output as well as the servos trying to over extend and making a horrible noise. The servo failure noise happens directly after ekf2 start in the .config file. Here is the output:

commands file: ./posix-configs/rpi/px4_fw.config

| ___ \ \ \ / / / |
| |/ / \ V / / /| |
| __/ / \ / /
| |
| | / /^\ \ ___ |
_| / / |_/

px4 starting.

INFO [dataman] Unkown restart, data manager file ‘rootfs/fs/microsd/dataman’ size is 11797680 bytes
ERROR [drivers__linux_gpio] read 4: open: No such file or directory (2)
ERROR [drivers__linux_gpio] export failed: write: Device or resource busy (16)
ERROR [navio_rgbled] red led: failed to export
ERROR [drivers__linux_gpio] unexport 4: write: Invalid argument (22)
ERROR [drivers__linux_gpio] unexport 27: write: Invalid argument (22)
ERROR [drivers__linux_gpio] unexport 6: write: Invalid argument (22)
Command ‘navio_rgbled’ failed, returned -1
WARN [commander] Buzzer: px4_open fail

WARN [commander] Buzzer init failed
WARN [commander] Preflight checks always pass on RPI.
INFO [mavlink] mode: Normal, data rate: 1000000 B/s on udp port 14556 remote port 14550
Sleeping for 1 s; (1000000 us).
INFO [logger] logger started (mode=all)
pxh> INFO [mavlink] using network interface eth0, IP:
INFO [mavlink] with broadcast IP:
INFO [navio_sysfs_pwm_out] Loaded mixer from file ROMFS/px4fmu_common/mixers/AERT.main.mix
INFO [lib__ecl] EKF aligned, (pressure height, IMU buf: 17, OBS buf: 16)

ÿShutting down
Restoring terminal

I can stop the servo extension noise but commenting out the ekf2 line or this line in the posix-configs/rpi/px4_fw.config file:

navio_sysfs_pwm_out start -m ROMFS/px4fmu_common/mixers/AERT.main.mix

How can I set the mixer so we don’t get over extension of the servos?

I guess these kind of questions are better suited over there as it’s a PX4 flight stack specific question.

I’ve posted over there as well, but unfortunately for me PX4 only has thorough documentation for Pixhawk and EMLID NAVIO2 only has documentation for ardupilot…so I’m posting on both. Im simply trying to get my first install and build up and running without errors and I’m getting the errors above and my servos are overextening…REQUEST for navio2 to have PX4 documentation PLEASE!

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