Failed update v2.20.18 to v2.22

I failed updating reachview from v2.20.18 to v2.22, it shows me that my app is up to date, and could not refresh to get a new version. It still stuck on v2.20.18
Please give me any suggestion regarding this. Thank you

You have to do it using the firmware updater, as there was a larger update, that required the use of the separate updater.
After that, you can install future updates as usual.

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could we apply it both for RS and RS2?, could please give me a link for a guideline to do this? thank you

Go to the Docs section on, choose your Receiver, choose Reachview, choose Firmware Reflashing


HI Cristian, It works now. Thanks a lot for your help :raised_hands:

Here to help and learn :smiley:


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