'Failed to resolve hostname' with AUSCORS

I am trying to connect over NTRIP but both port 443 and 2102 did not seem to be working. On the Reach panel it says “failed to resolve hostname”.

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In case you know the service’s IP address, you can try to enter it instead of the hostname. If it doesn’t work for you, please send us a Full System report from your Reach for a check. The report may contain sensitive info, so I’d recommend sharing it via support@emlid.com.

Had the same with a NTRIP provider here in France. Inputting the IP address in numbers resolved it.
If you don’t know the numbers, you can ping the server hostname from an online tool for example, and get the IP it as the output.


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Hi guys,

We’ve released a fix for the cases when the NTRIP hostname couldn’t be resolved in the new 31 firmware. If you have any feedback about it, feel free to create a new topic and share it with us!

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