Failed to enable component: ENOSPC

Hello guys. I am newone here and fresh to RPi, so this is my very first post anywhere about anything. I was trying to find solution for my problem by typing ENOSPC, no result so time to make some topic. Google knows something about it but not according to ENOSPC and B101 Auvidea so I will try to explain my issue.

I wanna build multirotor: Navio2, 4S 5-10Ah battery, xBird 550 frame, 4xMotors 15", Gimbal, GoPro, and stream video from it to ground. Looks like pity, and anyone can do this with apm and fatshark. But! I’d love to manage GoPro settings from the ground (without making coils on buttons) so I sold Pixhawk,and bought RPi2 and I’m waiting now for NAVIO2 (excited? a little… hope it will work easier than B101… what is B101?) also I bought module B101 from Auvidea.

This interface is encoder for hdmi input for RPi on CSI-2 connector - soo it should behave like normal camera, I guess… maybe without control iso and aparture.
So after pluging in marvelous device allowing me stream 1080p30 from anything to anywhere… I can’t make even still.

I followed many instructions for normal RPi camera, and one for B101 from Auvidea. I know there is connection between camera and linux environment, becouse my camera monitors goes off when I call procedure (and that means camera stream vid to hdmi output).

After runing script:
raspistill -v -o jpg.test
raspistill -d
raspivid -t 0 (even 1000)
and couple second of delay (like 10) without no response from cmd I finally get message about camera module that cannot be enabled:

*Failed to enable component: ENOSPC *
bla bla bla
bla bla bla
Check firmware or update something.

So it shut’s my camera LCD down. I did update of kernel, firmware, enabled camera, used bigger supply like 2.1A, etc, and waiting for response from Auvidea. Hope anyone can help me. Thanks.