Facing Float with Processing Kinematics

when i am trying to fix float in emlid studio 1.3v with kinematic method it will float 96% so how can i fix this.

Hi @rajendrakumardangi,

Can you share the raw data you’re processing? You can send them to support@emlid.com if you don’t want to post them publicly. It’d be much easier for us to check what’s wrong this way.

no thank you my problem has resolve but i have doubt in elevation marks 30 elevation marks is allowable or not? if i set 30 elevation marks then my float got fixed so can you answer me?

What setting specifically are you referring to?

this settings

Hi Rajendra,

The elevation mask is used to ignore any satellite signals that come from below the specified angle above the horizon. The default setting is 15 degrees. Usually, satellites with a lower elevation provide too noisy measurements as the signal passes through the moist atmosphere. When you’ve set your elevation mask to 30, you probably filtered several noisy signals, so it was a good solution to get fix. But be careful because if the value is too high, satellites in the right position can be filtered out.

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