EZ WifiBroadcast

Are there any future or current plans to implement EZ WifiBroadcast in the Navio 2 image? It has a lot more features and is still being updated unlike the original wifibroadcast.

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The WBC is greatly inspired by EZ-WiFiBrodcast. It uses the same config files. So this is possible to achieve the same thing as with an original one.

Is it possible to use WBC and telemetry via UDP using the same Wi-Fi network card?

Is it possible to use WBC as video TX and Mission Planer as RX via UDP?


Okay great! So it will support telemetry over WiFi along with the video stream and the same WiFi adapters? The newest version of EZ-WiFiBroadcast allows for seamless telemetry in the same broadcast which is a very useful feature. I love all of the options the Navio2 has! Keep up the good work!

Apparently this is possible with EZ-WiFiBroadcast version 1.6RC2.

"Setting up bi-directional mavlink telemetry

-Set TELEMETRY_UPLINK=mavlink in wifibroadcast-1.txt
-Connect Tower App, QGroundControl or Missionplanner etc. via USB-Tethering or Hotspot
-Connect the serial port RX pin of your flight control to the serial port TX pin on the Raspberry. The Pi uses 3.3V logic level on the serial ports, make sure your flight control also uses 3.3V. Flightcontrols which need 5V logic may not be able to detect the 3.3V signal level (See https://pinout.xyz/ for Raspberry pinout)."

Dear all, please help me with the number in osd:
1/ 0/1171/101579 (0/0)

2/2312 (3557)kb


Thanks so muchs

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