External UHF reciever Setup on RS2


I have a Pacific Crest XDL external rover UHF radio I am trying to connect to the RS2 rover to add full UHF compatibility with other recievers when needed.

It has both Bluetooth and serial connectivity. I have connected the serial cable to the LEMO port on the RS2 but I cannot get the correction info to the RS2 rover or to show up in reachview.

In this case it is a Hemisphere GNSS S321 transmitting the RTCM v3 corrections over UHF and the XDL is receiving them fine. The serial connection on the XDL is set to 38400 baud.

There was another fellow that was trying to connect an external UHF reciever over Bluetooth but that thread was shut-down last month.

What settings have people been using for corrections coming over the RS-232 serial? I used UART bit no joy yet.

Hi Matt,

Do you have access to the docs of UHF radio? We’ll need to double check the pinout. Make sure it matches the pinout of RS-232 port of RS2.

Could you share the link? This is interesting, I’d love to continue conversation on that and hope we’ll be able to help.

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It would be great if there was a way to pair the Bluetooth XDL Rover with the RS2 and feed UHF corrections that way.

Incidentally, I decided to try my Trimble TDL-450 radio instead and is working fine as a reciever or the transmitter so there must be some settings in the XDL to adjust.

We’ll look into this once again, but I am not sure this is something we have control over. We had quite a few radios at our disposal to test. Some of them worked smoothly, some of them were not able to pair.

Will you have a chance to try connect the devices via Serial? It’s important to make sure they can work together at all.

Hi Matt,

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a model with BT, but RS-232 connection worked smoothly. It was a PC ADL Vantage.


Thanks for the follow-up.

Yes, I was able to get my Trimble TDL-450L to work just fine as well (it’s the same as above just Trimble branded).

The XDL is nice for the rover as it is wireless with the Bluetooth and has an internal rechargeable battery.

Is it theoretically possible for the RS2 to accept a correction stream from a separate Bluetooth device? How would this be done?



Theoretically, it should work. It worked with Javad’s previously and some other radios. From ReachView side, you just need to specify position output via BT. From the side of radio, some other settings should be tuned. I remember Javad’s radios had an interface for configuration and we’ve found the working settings pretty quickly.

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Hi Dmitriy , Is it possible that you can show the configuration in Rechview? thanks


Position output settings in ReachView are limited to choosing a channel for output - Bluetooth in our case. And a baud rate that should be the same as in the settings of a radio module.


Thanks Dimitriy, I find it difficult to differentiate when it is RS232 and UART. I thought TTL stopped being used in the 80s.

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