External Reach Hookup 3DR Solo

I would like to use an external antenna to log raw GPS data. I mounted a Tallysman 3742 on the Solo but I think the mount and ground plane cause some shadowing on the internal GPS. I found a DF13 -> molex click mate cable (https://store.mrobotics.io/6-Pins-CLIK-Mate-to-6-Pins-DF13-Connector-p/mrc0207.htm ) and am curious if I can use the cable to bypass the onboard GPS. If I am not interested in implementing the RTK do I have to make any changes to the Reach message stream or Solo firmware?

Alternatively is the a way to bypass the patch antenna on the Reach Solo card?


The GPS antenna in Solo is located near the battery, so you are blocking a big sector of sky with the Tallysman antenna and ground plane.

By default Solo is running ArduCopter 3.3 which does not support ERB (binary protocol from Reach).

I’d recommend using a slim antenna for Reach and placing it right over the battery.
You can also relocate Solo GPS module.

Or upgrade the solo gps to neo-m8n. I have a very similar setup with reach and no issues with navigational gps. https://store.mrobotics.io/product-p/gps001-mr.htm