External GPS module

Hello emlid community,

I’m considering a Navio+ for my hexacopter. I would like to use an external GPS module, I saw in docs (APM Installation and running) a configuration to running ArduCopter with external GPS:

sudo ArduCopter-hexa -B /dev/ttyUSB0

My question is if it must be an U-blox module or it can be any GPS. If so, it should send the information in a specific standard?


Hello Ricardo,

It does not have to be just U-blox, any GPS supported by APM should be okay: U-blox, MTK and almost all others that output data using NMEA protocol.

Thank you!

I just wanted to know it can be used with the sensors I need before buying it, It looks like a great autopilot system.

I would like to note that there is no advantage in using external GPS receiver because GPS receiver on Navio is one of best on the market and works with external antenna which allows you to position it in a best place on your frame.

Hi Mikhail, please one question…
The neo-6T GPS is more accurate than the M8N GPS?
I have a neo6T, so if more accurate than m8n I can use it as an external GPS.

NEO-6T is less accurate than M8N, so there will be no benefit in using external GPS.

NEO-6T has the same accuracy. Additionally 6T can output raw data something usefull for rtk and other uses. 8N is just faster and can deal with more kinds of satelites